How long stay the acrylic nails?
Acrylic nails with molds have a durability of 2 to 5 weeks.

I need lamp to shine?
The brightness is provided by the same mold at the time of drying the acrylic but you can protect this shine using a top coat of a uv top coat.

How long it would take to apply acrylic nails with mold?
The application depends on the design and practice, but the minimum that you can take is 50 min. from preparation to finishing.

I can use the molds for toenails?
If the molds includes 12 measures that can be used on hands and feet.

What is the life of the mold?
60 molds package has a life of 3-5 months.

Are the molds reusable?
Yes, the molds can be used as long as the mold is not damage or scratched.

Can I use any acrylic?
That’s right, the molds work with any type of acrylic.

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